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I Want to Find My Sacred Maiden


Véronique, but I'd prefer if you'd just call me Ninie... or anything else you can think of. I have so many nicknames, one more can't hurt.
Age: 16 years old
Birthday: January 24
Grade: Ah... I live in Québec, and here we say 'Secondary 5', so... last year of high school? Well, it's the grade you're supposed to be at 16/17, right before college. Well, it's how it works here... (EDIT: After looking a bit at other applications, I think it supposed to be 11th grade... help?)
Hair Color: Dark brown, with natural red highlight... I think I have some red-headed ancestry, because I have freckles, too.
Eye Color: Right now, they're... some sort of dark golden/hazel color (see it here), but sometimes they're more greenish or grayish... They change, but it's nothing corny like my emotions that does it: it's just the humidity in the air!

Green, or red... I've recently started to like blue a lot more than I use to.
Food: Sushi! Well, anything oriental, exotic, and good for your health, really. I admit: I'm obssesed with the latest 'food trends'. But if the trend would be McDonald's, I wouldn't be as obsessed... It's just I like that one.
Drink: Tea! Green tea, to be precise. Or soy milk. I've never liked soft drinks and alcool, and I'm getting sick of answering 'water'.
Animal: Wolf, fox, and snakes. I think they're cool... But I hate spiders.
Holiday: Halloween! It's like a... tradition between my best friend and I. We still go Trick or Treat, and then we eat all our candies in the haunted house near my friend's house. And I've always liked the fall too...
School Subject: Right now, it's history. But I also love French, English, chemistry, and theater... sometimes math isn't that bad... But I hate physics. The teacher... Ah. I won't start on this.

DNAngel Male Character: You'll never guess that one: Dark! Yes, very original. But he's so great!
DNAngel Female Character: Emiko. She's awesome!

This or That

Dark or Daisuke: Dark, but Daisuke's cute, too.
Satoshi or Krad: Satoshi.
Riku or Risa: Both, but for different reasons.
Leader or Follower: Leader. I have some problem with trusting others... But sometimes I just don't care.
Optimistic or Pessimstic: I try to be optimistic, but I'm just human. You can't expect me to always be smiling and happy! Even if I'm pretty laid-back about things, and I do try to appear cheerful most of the time...

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself in detail! I'm not photogenic, so you'll have to do with this.

 (from a month ago. I look like that in everday life.)

This is the kimono my father got me from Japan, but you can't see it very well. I look kind of weird in that picture, but I blame it on taking it myself. It's also my most recent picture.

Anything Else You Want to Say?: I already talked too much.

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