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DARK VS. LIGHT, GOOD VS. EVIL, WHO WILL WIN?! *Insert pwnage music here*

Hi! Yes, the mod of this community is applying to RATE THE ALMIGHTY MOD!!!!

Name/Nickname: Sarah Nicole Martin/Banana
Age: 13
Birthday: October 9th, 1992
Grade: 7th^^
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel

Color and Why?: Black, because I can always relate to it one way or another^^
Food and Why?: Speghetti, because I love it^^
Drink and Why?: Ice Tea, because it is SOOOO addictive!
Animal and Why?: Monkeys, because I am said to be like a monkey^^
Holiday and Why?: Christmas, because I get to see alot of my family!
School Subject and Why?: GYM, because I love being active!
DNAngel Male Character and Why?: Dark or Krad. Dark because his name is beautiful! Who else could have thought of the name 'Dark' for such a dark kind of character with a dark past foreshadowing the future?! Krad, because I always like the evil, blond bishies and its brilliant how they spell "Dark" backwards to make "Krad"^^
DNAngel Female Character and Why?: Riku Harada, because I can almost ALWAYS relate to her decisions in different situations and her comments on things. I also see a bit of me in her- and she is sooo CUTE!

This or That

Dark or Daisuke? Why?: Dark. Not that I see Daisuke as inferior, but because I respect Dark for everything he was put through in his whole life- however long it was! Daisuke thinks he has it bad, but imagine how Dark feels!
Satoshi or Krad? Why?: Krad, because he is a great bad guy! Psychotic, yet sane at the same time^^ I usually don't like the guys with glasses, anyways^^
Riku or Risa? Why?: Riku, but Risa is pretty close up there. I like Riku because she follows her own path, but Risa gets up there starting volume 10 because she grows-up alot.
Leader or Follower? Why?: Neither. I don't follow anyone, nor do I lead anyone.
Optimistic or Pessimstic? Why?: A little of both, I guess^^

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself in detail!: Lets see...I have shoulder length dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I usually wear tank-tops or t-shirts and jeans(with the once-in-a-blue-moon-skirt) and my PIMPED-OUT-WRITTEN-ALL-OVER-CONVERSES!!! Humm...I'm about 5 feet and weigh approximately 108 lbs^^

Anything Else You Want to Say?: THE PIMPAGE OF MY CONVERSES= <3 BECAUSE MY CONVERSES SO TOTALLY PAWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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