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Princess Killer Pinknose

Dark vs. Light, Good vs. Evil. Who will Win?

Name/Nickname: Lia
Age: 19
Birthday: 3/31/86
Grade: N/A, graduated
Hair Color: Blonde, dirty dishwater or darker
Eye Color: Green

Color and Why?: Purple, 'cause it's purty.
Food and Why?: Em..French Fries? Grease and salt = good.
Drink and Why?: Pepsi! 'Cause it owns.
Animal and Why?: Kitty!! Cute and lovable.
Holiday and Why?: hhmm...Halloween. All the candy.
School Subject and Why?: English. I love writing.
DNAngel Male Character and Why?: Satoshi! Angsty, yet intelligent.
DNAngel Female Character and Why?: Riku. Strong, yet a proper mix of innocently sweet. Or not...

This or That

Dark or Daisuke? Why?: Daisuke. He's cute, and I'm not a huge fan of Dark.
Satoshi or Krad? Why?: Satoshi. Angsty, yet intelligent. And I'm not a fan of Sadism. (Yet it would seem that Krad could be..)
Riku or Risa? Why?: Riku. She's the stronger of the two.
Leader or Follower? Why?: Neither. Stand beside me and call me friend.
Optimistic or Pessimstic? Why?: Pessimistic. Hey, the glass COULD be half-empty.

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself in detail! 5'7", thin, green eyes, shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair. Thick eyebrow(s), nicely shaped nose, not pointed, loong eyebrows.... detailed enough? My only picture is REALLY outdated.

Anything Else You Want to Say?: No...I don't think so...
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