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I Want to Find My Sacred Maiden!


Name/Nickname: Yuuichiro/Susan.
Age: 15.
Birthday: September 11th.
Grade: Freshman in High School.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.

Color: Navy blue.
Food: Sweet potatoes.
Drink: Diet Mountain Dew.
Animal: Dachshunds! ^_^
Holiday: Christmas.
School Subject: English.
DNAngel Male Character: Satoshi.
DNAngel Female Character: Riku.

This or That

Dark or Daisuke: Daisuke.
Satoshi or Krad: Satoshi.
Riku or Risa: Riku.
Leader or Follower: Leader.
Optimistic or Pessimstic: Optimistic.

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself in detail! Here it is...

Anything Else You Want to Say?: I love you all! ^_^
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I see Daisuke. XD <3
Mio Hio The "I Love You ALL" comments sounds like something she would say
I'll be the tie-breaker! I think your like Mio Hio!!!! Anyway, heres your stamp!

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