sara (deviatesellen) wrote in dn_ratings,

Dark vs. Light, Good vs. Evil. Who Will Win?

Name/Nickname: Sara, Devi-hime(i), SarawithoutanH…
Age: 14
Birthday: March 10th
Grade: 8
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hard question, as nobody has ever really found a word for my eye color. >_< Greener than hazel, with a little gray mixed in.

Color and Why?: Silver. Because…it’s darker than white and lighter than black. I don’t know. It’s the middle, the neutral color that doesn’t commit to anything, an unusual color.
Food and Why?: OH NOES. White rice with sweet and sour sauce, because it is delicious and easy to make. Cinnamon candy because I just * heart * it. And ICE CREAM, YO, THE PINNACLE OF HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT.
Drink and Why?: Spiced Plum Tea. Mmm…just wonderful for insomniac nights.
Animal and Why?: Wolves. Because I’ve been compared to them often, and have been obsessed with them forever. Can be either social or loners, with personalites and moods and social status…they’re just beautiful killers, too. Intelligent hunters. <3
Holiday and Why?: Christmas. LOOT DE LOOT.
School Subject and Why?: English and Science. Because I love to write, and think the world is interesting to learn about…
DNAngel Male Character and Why?: SATOSHI. Oh, god, I love him. A genius, with an obsession with Daisuke, cold and ANGSTFUL. Satoshi!Love
DNAngel Female Character and Why?:Uhh…Towa no Shirube. Because she’s funny, and cute. I like her clothes, even the maid outfit. Or Freedert. Because she’s beautiful, kind, and tragic. I like my angst. >__>

This or That

Dark or Daisuke? Why?: OH NOES HARD QUESTION. Daisuke, because he’s so determined to make everything good and he’s always confused and ‘WTF.’ Plus, he’s fun to ship with Satoshi…
Satoshi or Krad? Why?: Pfft. Satoshi. Because he had BLUE HAIR.
Riku or Risa? Why?:Riku. Because I find Risa annoying, selfish, and whiny.
Leader or Follower? Why?: Leader. Dunno, I just find myself getting elected for president for a lot of things, and in a group, just everybody expects me to lead.
Optimistic or Pessimstic? Why?: I don’t really think I’m one way or the other….

Please post at least one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself in detail!


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