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Another You...Who Are You?

A DNAngel Rating Community

Another You...Who Are You...?
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1. You don't have to be stamped to vote for others.
2. Please vote for others! Its the only way we can keep the community running smoothly
3. Please, no bashing or anything of the sort
4. Please BOLD your votes. If you don't know how do this: <*b*>*INSERT TEXT HERE* <*/*b*> (Just take out the stars)
5. After 6 votes or four days, you will be rated as the majority. If its a tie then I will be the tie breaker!
6. If your not satisfied by what you were rated, you are allowed one re-do! But no more then that!
7. Have fun!
8. So I know that you read the rules, put "Dark vs. Light, Good vs. Evil. Who Will Win?" in the subject line

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Niwa Daisuke
Mousy Dark
Hiwatari Satoshi
Harada Riku
Harada Risa
Saehara Takeshi
Niwa Emiko
Niwa Kosuke
Niwa Daiki
Towa no Shirube
Kurashina Menou
Mio Hio
Aagentine (or Argentine)
Niwa, Harada and Hiwatari's Teacher
Elder Hiwatari
Ritsuko Fukuda
Saga Keiji
Nishimura Yuuji
Sawamura Miyuki

Or any other characters you can think of...

(Some of the characters above are hard to find images of, such as the ones that have no link to the stamp. If you happen to have an extra image or two of them, please send them this way! Post them as a comment in my journal, and that would be WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks so much!

Your Mod,



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If you interested in affiliating, comment in my journal XD Ill be glad to affiliate!

The Motherboard of All Stamping Communities: stamping_comms Go here to find all your rating community whore needs!!!!